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Ultra-thin heat dissipation copper foil tape

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Product description: This tape is based on copper foil with excellent performance, coated with matte black nano-graphite on one side, and coated with acrylic conductive adhesive on the other side.

Product features: excellent heat dissipation performance, good electromagnetic shielding effect, strong adhesion and good light source shielding.

Product application: Mainly used for heat conduction and heat dissipation of battery parts, reducing battery temperature, reducing damage to mobile phones and tablets, and also widely used in smart

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other digital products.

Slicing matters:

1, width 380mm, can be cut 2-380mm;

2, length 50 meters, can also be customized according to customer requirements;

3. Paper tube core or PE plastic tube core, inner diameter: 38mm, 76mm, etc .;

4. Packaging: carton or tray


1. The above data are only typical values ​​and are not used for product specification;

2. The customer should test and evaluate the applicability of the tape before using it in batches. In order to obtain good application results, the surface of the material to be pasted should be clean, dry and free of oil and grease.


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Tel:  +86-21-5775 2829
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No.552,Dongzhou Road, Dongjing Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai,P.R.China 201619

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