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Silver grey antistatic tape

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product description:

Anti-static tape, also known as ESD tape. This type of tape is made of special anti-static polyester film as the base material and coated with special acrylic glue on one side. Its special double-sided anti-static treatment process can effectively reduce the static electricity generated during the tape manufacturing process and the unwinding process, which can prevent the electrostatic hazard.

Product Features:

■ Good viscosity, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance and no residue after peeling

■ Effectively prevent static electricity in production and unwinding


It is suitable for attaching electrostatic sensitive devices, sealing of packaging bags, packaging of other electronic products, and related fields that require electrostatic protection.

Slicing matters:

1. The whole width is 500mm, which can be cut into 3 ~ 500mm;

2. The length is 50 meters and 100 meters, and the other length can be customized according to customer requirements;

PE plastic pipe core, inner diameter 76mm (3 \")

Product parameters:

Part No Product name Total thickness Glue system colour TDS data download
SG-2520ALP-A Silver grey antistatic PET tape 0.045mm Acrylic adhesive Silver grey



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No.552,Dongzhou Road, Dongjing Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai,P.R.China 201619

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