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+86-158 0068 1157
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Industry knowledge

  • The effect of seasonal changes on tape_Shanghai sengu

    The engineers of our company have found that the pressure-sensitive adhesive has special viscoelasticity, which is viscous under the action of external force, so as to achieve close contact with the adhered object and wetting and penetration of the surface of the adhered object. From this we can see that there are two factors for the pressure-sensitive adhesive to exert its viscous force: viscoelasticity and external force. The viscoelasticity of the pressure-sensitive adhesive is mainly related to the type and formula of the adhesive elastomer. External forces include the environment (temperature, humidity) of the tape, the method and size of the paste, the material of the adhered object and its surface cleanliness, surface shape, etc.   Read More>

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Tel:  +86-21-5775 2829
          +86-21- 5775 2836
Fax:  +86-21-5168 6326
Mobile: +86-158 0068 1157 
Wechat: +86-158 0068 1157 
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No.552,Dongzhou Road, Dongjing Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai,P.R.China 201619

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